WCW - Tia Provost. This curvy Aussie girl is a great friend of Mary Holland.

As you get to know us, you will see that we are a big fan of women of all shapes and sizes. We think everyone is sexy and beautiful and we hope, through this blog and through our stores and our website, we can help everyone see their own beauty too.

Tia is from Ulladulla and is an amazing model. Most important of all she is just a beautiful soul with gorgeous attitude to life. Her commitment to a healthy lifestyle and love for the outdoors and animals is beautiful. Her Aussie Girl Vibe is endearing and her sexy attitude to being cury and owning it with the ultimate confidence is addictive to watch. You can follow Tia on instagram at @tiaprovost and we highly recommend it.

She has also started a new movement Authentically You Naturally which is all about pushing for a refreshing change and celebrating beautiful souls embracing their uniqueness and individuality.

Tia is a 12G or 10GG and size 12 in the body. She is wearing the Piper Phoenix Collection in this image. We have so much love for this girl and her attitude to life. Check her out!

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