New Campaign - Emily Sears is the face of the new Mary Holland Collection. A match made in Heaven!!

Instagram Royalty and Australia’s Golden Girl, Emily Sears is fierce and even more fabulous. Emily refers to herself as feminist AF and is always quick to point out that while she may choose to pose in lingerie, her body becomes sexual when she is turned on, not when a man is.”

She is famous for the stance she took against men sending her unsolicited dick pics on Instagram and Facebook. Emily decided to seek out the personal identities of men sending her these pics and forwarding them to their family members, whether it be their wives or their mothers to bring to light their behaviour and hold them accountable for their actions. The anonymity of social media is not always so anonymous and it is important for all people to realise that there is a real person at the end of their keyboards who will read and be impacted by what they write and what they send.

As a social media influencer, she encourages conversation via the content she creates. Emily shares body positive images with millions of followers and supports others to have the confidence to seek out healthy relationships. Through her efforts, she's witnessed a ripple effect of kindness and self-acceptance in her interactions with others. We are all about that Kindness is Cool attitude.

Emily grew up in a family of very practical and resilient Australian women, providing her with a grounded no fuss attitude, an off beat sense of humour and the fight it takes to be successful through rejection and ramen noodle diets.

If we could not love her anymore for the above it gets better!

Emily Sears is just like us! We both see Social media as a platform to empower women to represent themselves how they want, as opposed to what industries or society may demand. The varied accounts we now see across Instagram and other platforms is creating a new normal where there is a diversity in body shapes that we see on a daily basis and women of all shapes and sizes are “beautiful”

As a curvy model, Emily has been able to redirect her career with the power of social. People now control what is popular in the world, and she's humbled to have the opportunity to influence others to direct their own paths.

We are so proud of our work with Emily Sears and feel extremely privileged to be associated with someone who is so passionate about women’s rights and so many other causes. Emily’s determination to use her social media reach to bring light and awareness to so many causes that do not normally get exposure to the millions of people who follow her is beyond admirable. The incredible work of Rocky Batchelor has successfully delivered on our vision and we are extremely proud of the images we have created.

We look forward to a long standing relationship with Emily and will continue to cheer her on from afar (she lives in LA) as she continues to fight for what she believes in while gracing the covers of magazines, starring in music videos and representing countless fashion brands. Speaking of Magazine covers, our Golden Girl has been seen on the covers of GQ USA, FHM, MAXIM, KANDY MAGAZINE, RALPH, and so many more.

We are all about her sexy style of content and can’t wait to see what Miss Sears has in store for the world - lets face it, she is anything but predictable and that’s why we love her!

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